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Homeopathy and depression

21 May
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Felipe Cárdenas.
La homeopatía científica puede hacer grandes cosas por su salud en procesos de depresión
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To systematically review the research evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy forthe treatment of depression and depressive disorders
A comprehensive search of major biomedical databases including MEDLINE, EMBASE,ClNAHL, PsycINFO and the Cochrane Library was conducted. Specialist complementaryand alternative medicine (CAM) databases including AMED, CISCOM and Hom-Informwere also searched. Additionally, efforts were made to identify unpublished and ongoingresearch using relevant sources and experts in the field. Relevant research wascategorised by study type and appraised according to study design. Clinical commentarieswere obtained for studies reporting clinical outcomes.
Only two randomised controlled trials (RCTs) were identified. One of these, a feasibilitystudy, demonstrated problems with recruitment of patients in primary care. Severaluncontrolled and observational studies have reported positive results including highlevels of patient satisfaction but because of the lack of a control group, it is difficult toassess the extent to which any response is due to specific effects of homeopathy. Singlecase reports/studies were the most frequently encountered clinical study type. We alsofound surveys, but no relevant qualitative research studies were located.
Adverse effects reported appear limited to ‘remedy reactions’ (‘aggravations’) includingtemporary worsening of symptoms, symptom shifts and reappearance of old symptoms.These remedy reactions were generally transient but in one study, aggravation of symptoms caused withdrawal of the treatment in one patient.
A comprehensive search for published and unpublished studies has demonstrated that theevidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy in depression is limited due to lack of clinical trials of high quality.
Further research is required, and should include well-designed controlled studies with sufficient numbers of participants. Qualitative studiesaimed at overcoming recruitment and other problems should precede further RCTs.Methodological options include the incorporation of preference arms or uncontrolledobservational studies. The highly individualised nature of much homeopathic treatmentand the specificity of response may require innovative methods of analysis of individualtreatment response.

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